Standard Hand Film

Allpack's Vortex™ Hand Pallet Wrap Film redefines pallet wrapping with its advanced features. Engineered for durability and efficiency, Vortex™ offers superior cling, ensuring a secure and uniform wrap for various load sizes. With exceptional puncture resistance, it enhances product protection during transit. The film's unique composition optimizes stretch properties, minimizing material usage while maximizing load stability. Vortex™ Hand Pallet Wrap Film is a reliable solution for businesses aiming to streamline their packaging processes, reduce costs, and ensure the safe and secure transport of goods.




Allpack's Vortex™ Handywrap is a game-changer for wrapping smaller items with ease and efficiency. This innovative hand film offers superior stretch properties, ensuring a tight and secure wrap around various shapes and sizes. With exceptional cling and tear resistance, Vortex™ Handywrap guarantees optimal protection for your products during transit. Its compact design and user-friendly application make it the ideal choice for quick and hassle-free packaging. Experience the next level of convenience and reliability in wrapping smaller items with Allpack's Vortex™ Handy wrap, a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge packaging solutions.

Paper Stretch Wrap

Allpack introduces Vortex™ paper stretch wrap, a revolutionary sustainable packaging solution. Engineered with eco-friendly materials, this innovative paper-based stretch wrap offers high-performance, ensuring secure and efficient palletization. Vortex™ prioritizes environmental responsibility, reducing plastic waste without compromising strength. The unique composition delivers exceptional tear resistance and cling, providing a reliable alternative for businesses committed to eco-conscious packaging. Upgrade to Vortex™ for a greener, yet powerful, solution in your packaging journey.