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Our PolyShield™ range of lightweight to heavy-duty poly bags ensure secure and reliable containment.



Light Duty Polybags

Our light-duty polybags are designed for practicality and reliability. Perfect for a range of everyday packaging needs, these bags offer a balance of flexibility and durability. With a straightforward approach to secure packaging, they provide an efficient solution for various products. Whether you're packaging lightweight items or organising smaller goods, our PolyShield™ polybags are your go-to choice. The transparent design allows for easy identification of contents, while the dependable material ensures protection during transit. Simplify your packaging process with our 30% recycled light-duty polybags, combining functionality and convenience for a seamless experience.

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Medium Duty Polybags

Experience the durability and versatility of our PolyShield™ Medium Duty Polybags. Designed for strength and adaptability, these polybags provide robust packaging for a range of items. Their reliable construction ensures secure transit, making them ideal for various industries. With a perfect balance between toughness and flexibility, these polybags offer an effective solution for protecting your products during shipment. PolyShield™ Medium Duty Polybags are manufactured from 30% recycled content and Plastic Tax Compliant, providing a seamless packaging experience, ensuring your goods reach their destination intact and protected.

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Heavy Duty Polybags

Durable and resilient, our PolyShield™ Heavy Duty Polybags redefine packaging strength. Designed for robust protection, these bags stand up to the toughest challenges, providing a reliable shield for your products during transit. With superior tear resistance and puncture resilience, our PolyShield™ Heavy Duty Polybags offer a practical and dependable solution for packaging a wide range of items. Whether you're dealing with heavy industrial components or bulk goods, these polybags ensure that your products are securely contained and protected. Invest in packaging that goes beyond the ordinary – choose PolyShield™ Heavy Duty Polybags, manufactured from 30% recycled materials, to be Plastic Tax Compliant and meet the demands of your diverse packaging needs.

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Other Polybags

Dive into a world of versatile packaging solutions with our range of polybags. Tailored to meet diverse needs, these bags offer a perfect blend of durability and flexibility. Whether you're safeguarding products during transit or organizing items in storage, our polybags provide reliable protection. With a variety of sizes and strengths, these bags accommodate a wide range of goods, from lightweight to bulkier items. The clear and sturdy material ensures visibility while keeping your items safe from dust, moisture, and handling. Choose our polybags for a practical and efficient packaging solution that adapts to your unique requirements, ensuring your products are delivered in optimal condition.



Other Polybags

Garment Bags

Allpack's Garment Bags redefine clothing protection. Crafted with care, these bags offer superior shielding against dust, moisture, and wrinkles. Designed for convenience, they feature a durable zipper for easy access while maintaining a secure seal. The transparent material ensures quick identification of garments, streamlining organization. Whether for retail, travel, or storage, Allpack's Garment Bags prioritize garment integrity, providing a sleek and reliable solution for the apparel industry.



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