Bubble Lined Postal Bags

Introducing Allpack's Insuremail™ bubble-lined postal bags, a pinnacle of protection for your shipments. Crafted with precision, these bags feature a robust bubble lining that cushions and shields delicate items during transit. The innovative design not only ensures superior protection but also offers lightweight efficiency, minimizing postage costs. The Insuremail™ brand signifies reliability, providing peace of mind for both senders and recipients. The bags all contain at least 30% recycled content excluding it from plastic packaging tax. Perfect for a variety of items, from electronics to apparel, these branded postal bags combine security, durability, and a professional aesthetic, reinforcing Allpack's commitment to excellence in packaging solutions.







Insuremail™ Premium

Introducing Insuremail™ Premium Branded Bubble Lined Postal Bags — a robust evolution of our standard Insuremail™ line. Engineered for enhanced strength, these bags offer superior protection for your valuable items during transit. Featuring a premium bubble lining, they provide an extra layer of cushioning, ensuring optimum security against impacts and shocks. The premium quality extends to the exterior with a branded design, adding a professional touch to your shipments. Trust in the durability of Insuremail™ Premium to safeguard your parcels with style, setting a new standard for secure and branded postal packaging.