Polypropylene Machine Strapping

Allpack's Tenso™ machine strapping redefines efficiency and reliability in the packaging industry. Engineered for seamless integration with automated systems, Tenso™ ensures consistent, secure strapping for various loads. With high-tensile strength and optimal stretch properties, this branded strapping guarantees stability and durability, reducing the risk of product damage during transit. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industries, while the ease of use and precision performance elevate operational efficiency. Trust Tenso™ for a robust and dependable solution, meeting the demands of modern packaging requirements.





Polypropylene Hand Strapping

Allpack proudly introduces Tenso™ Hand Strapping, a pinnacle of reliability and strength in manual strapping solutions. Engineered for superior performance, Tenso™ offers a secure and efficient strapping experience. The high-tensile strength ensures stability, while the user-friendly design facilitates easy application. Tenso™ Hand Strapping is versatile, accommodating various load sizes and shapes with consistent tensioning. Whether securing heavy industrial loads or delicate packages, Tenso™ guarantees a robust and reliable strapping solution. Elevate your packaging efficiency with the durability and precision of Tenso™ Hand Strapping, ensuring your shipments reach their destination securely.