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Allpack Sustainability Brochure FC


Download our Sustainability Packaging Guide


Download our new Sustainable Packaging Guide that provides information and content relating to explaining and expanding on key concepts around sustainability, such as biodegradability, compostability rates and recyclability of eco-friendly packaging.

The guide includes Allpack's Greener Alternatives packaging products to traditional packaging options, a Recycle Fact Sheet and some interesting FAQs on sustainability.  

Sustainable Paper Voidfill

Paper Void Fill Machines produce void fill and paper packaging in a range of sizes in an instant. This makes protecting loose products in transit or storage from shocks and knocks easy. Choose a mobile void fill machine that delivers crimpled paper on demand for simple bracing, blocking, or wrapping. This keeps its shape for a more extended period, making it suitable for long-distance shipping or long-term storage.

Check out our sealed air pack machine if you require a paper void fill solution to wrap all of your products. This is perfect for larger businesses since it allows them to customise paper packaging, wrapping, cushioning, and paper pads to any size.

Paper Voidfill System

200mm x 390m - Paperplus Chevron Voidfill Paper

Item Code | 10PPCH90
BoxFill™ Paper Voidfill Dispenser

375mm x 350m

Item Code | 12BF3730
Paper Bubble Wrap

580mm x 380mm (pack of 600) - Brown

Item Code | 12PBBR60
BoxFill.z™ zigzag Paper Plain Kraft

4mm (5kg pack)

Item Code | 12BFZZ04

Environmentally Friendly Paper Tape

Our sustainable packaging parcel tape is composed of renewable kraft paper rather than plastic. Excellent for wrapping gifts at home, craft projects, re-fastening envelopes or boxes you're reusing, and so on! This tape is even better because it is entirely recyclable, along with our range of recycled sustainable boxes and envelopes. The paper can be reused up to seven times this way, so make sure to recycle it.

Our recycled packaging materials (Green packaging solutions) are great for all types of use if you're a huge business to someone at home who enjoys arts and crafts. making the switch to sustainable recycled packaging is actually a lot easier than you think and can make a massive change to your sustainability moving forward.

Boxbond™ Self Adhesive Paper Tape

50mm x 50m

Item Code | 01PTHM48
Boxbond™ Self Adhesive Paper Tape

75mm x 50m

Item Code | 01PTHM72
Gummed Paper Tape

70mm x 100m reinforced 3 way GSI

Item Code | 01GPRE70
Gummed Paper Tape

70mm x 200m 60gsm GSI

Item Code | 01GPSI70

Stretch Film

Stretch film is revolutionary for sustainable packaging , with pallet wrap that has a friendly environmental impact and a more cost-effective than regular stretch pallet wrap. It is the preferred option for companies looking to transition to recyclable packaging.

With the help of a reusable pallet stretch wrapping dispenser, this high-quality cast hand stretch film is quick and easy to apply. More stretch per wrapper roll, less wastage, and associated costs are all advantages of using recycled eco-friendly pallet wrapping film. This clear pallet wrap is a robust, dependable, and environmentally friendly option for securing and protecting your pallet loads.

Vortex-Eco Blown Hexene Stretch Film

400mm x 300m - standard core

Item Code | 18VE429S
GRIP® Film Self Gripping Stretch Film Magnetised Twist-lock applicator

400mm x 480m

Item Code | 26GR0001
Sigmawrap™ Machine Film

125 - 500mm x 2800m x 12mic clear

Item Code | 19SIGC01

Paper Rolls and Sheets

We have a wide range of paper rolls and sheets for all of your sustainable packaging solutions. We can provide papers for wrapping, padding, protecting, void filling, and presentation needs made from the highest quality environmentally friendly packaging materials.

We pride ourselves in knowing that our paper rolls and sheets come from recycled materials, that's why we are one of the UK's leading packaging supplier for eco-friendly packaging solutions.

ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

1000mm x 75m

Item Code | 08CP1000
ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

750mm x 75mm

Item Code | 08CP0750
ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

650mm x 75m

Item Code | 08CP0650
Corrugated Sheetboard

800 x 1100mm single wall

Item Code | 05LP8011

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Questions

What are the benefits of sustainable packaging?

In order to understand the benefits of sustainable packaging, we need to understand what it means. Sustainable packaging is a type of design that takes into account the environment as well as social and economic factors. It tries to take a holistic approach in order to reduce its negative impact on the environment and society.

Benefits of sustainable packaging include:

-Reduced cost: sustainable packaging can be cheaper than traditional types because it is made from recycled materials or designed in a way that reduces the need for new materials.

-Reduced use of natural resources: this type of packaging uses less natural resources, such as water and energy, which means there is less environmental impact from production and transportation.

-Reduced amount of waste material: since these packages are designed for reuse or recyclability

How do you measure the sustainability of packaging?

What does sustainability mean for packaging? How do you measure it?

Sustainability is a word that is often thrown around in the modern world, but not everyone knows the true meaning. In the context of packaging, sustainability means that it gives as much as it takes - or as little as it takes. The key component to sustainable packaging is not only recycling but also biodegradability.

In order to measure a material's sustainability, you need to be able to answer several questions:

What are the impacts on natural environment? What are the impacts on human health? What are the economic benefits of this material (e.g., cheaper, lighter)? How does this material compare with traditional materials (e.g., cardboard)? Does this packaging type use more energy?

What is the future of sustainable packaging?

The future of sustainable packaging is not entirely clear yet. There are many different types of sustainable packaging available for companies to use, but the success of each type is not guaranteed. Packaging costs companies a lot of money and they need to be sure that their investment will pay off in the long term if they want to be successful.

Two types of sustainable packaging are biodegradable polymers and paper-based products. Biodegradable polymers have a fast decomposition time and can be used for a wide range of packaging materials, while paper-based products have a slower decomposition rate due to the material being used so it cannot be used for everything.

How can you reduce the use of unsustainable packaging?

The use of unsustainable packaging is a problem. There are several ways in which the use of disposable packaging can be reduced. One way is by using reusable products such as reusable water bottles and coffee mugs. Another solution is to repackage the product such as putting it in a jar instead of a bag. The last possible solution is recycling used items for reuse purposes.

Are there any disadvantages to using sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is a type of packaging that focuses on reducing the environmental footprint. It has many advantages but also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage of sustainable packaging is the cost. Sustainable packaging may be more expensive than fossil fuel-based plastics. This is because it involves using more expensive or new materials and processes than traditional plastics, so the initial investment may be higher than what people are used to.

Some people might also find that sustainable packages are too bulky for their needs, especially if they need to ship things in boxes to places far away or if they just want something that will fit into their recycling bin without taking up too much space.