Allpack's BoxFill™, a leading branded paper void fill solution, delivers sustainable and efficient packaging. Crafted from recycled materials, it offers superior cushioning and protection during shipping. With its eco-friendly composition, BoxFill™ aligns with Allpack's commitment to reducing environmental impact. Its innovative design ensures ease of use, providing a cost-effective solution that enhances packaging efficiency. Choose BoxFill™ for a reliable, environmentally conscious void fill option, combining performance with a commitment to sustainable packaging practices.





Allpack presents BoxFill™, our branded zigzag paper void fill solution, designed to elevate your packaging experience. Crafted with sustainability in mind, BoxFill™ provides eco-friendly cushioning and protection for goods during transit. Its innovative zigzag design ensures optimal flexibility and efficiency in void-filling applications, securing products of various shapes and sizes. Impressively cost-effective, BoxFill™ not only enhances packaging integrity but also reflects your commitment to environmentally conscious solutions. Choose BoxFill™ for a reliable and eco-friendly void-fill option that aligns with your packaging needs and sustainability goals.