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Questions? Call us: 01543 396 700*


Single wall cartons

Single wall boxes provide high-quality protection and durability at an affordable price. One of our most favoured goods in single wall cardboard boxes, which can be purchased at a low cost on our website. Single wall corrugated boxes, unlike our double wall corrugated boxes, have only one layer of durable quality cardboard.

Single wall cardboard boxes are highly versatile and may be utilised in professional and personal applications due to their various dimensions and sizes. If your eCommerce brand is new then you might think about going for this, it is great quality and for eCommerce packaging, it is a great place to start.

Single Wall Cartons

178x178x178mm (7x7x7") - FSC

Item Code | 05STSW01
Single wall Cartons

203x203x127mm (8x8x5'') - FSC

Item Code | 05STSW02
Single wall Cartons

229x152x152mm (9x6x6'') - FSC

Item Code | 05STSW03
Single wall Cartons

229x229x229mm (9x9x9'') - FSC

Item Code | 05STSW05

Double-wall cartons

Customers looking for storage boxes for big loads or double-wall shipping boxes will appreciate the greater strength and dependability of our brown double walled cardboard boxes. Customers can discover the perfect double-walled boxes for their project thanks to our wide choice of sizing options. If you're interested in placing large orders you can take advantage of our bulk pricing options.

Unlike our single wall boxes, the double-wall shipping boxes include two layers of corrugated cardboard that are securely glued together. This construction style resists compression forces during transportation, ensuring that your package is neither crushed nor damaged.

Double Wall Cartons

432 x 305 x 305mm (17 x 12 x 12") multi-depth creased at 75:75mm

Item Code | 05MDDW14
Double Wall Cartons

229 x 229 x 229mm (9 x 9 x 9'') - FSC

Item Code | 05STDW00
Double Wall Cartons

229 x 152 x 152mm (9 x 6 x 6'') - FSC

Item Code | 05STDW01
Double Wall Cartons

305 x 229 x 100mm (12 x 9 x 4'') - FSC

Item Code | 05STDW04

Postal & Packaging boxes

Postal boxes are probably the most popular for eCommerce packaging as they're strong and designed to specific sizes to go through the mail. Custom eCommerce packaging; used by big online retailers and eCommerce businesses use custom packaging as it is a great way to increase user satisfaction and impression upon your brand, so if they're doing it, you should too.

Allpack's postal boxes are available as standard, foam-lined, or Air Shock, made with quality and robustness in mind. We also have specialised mailers for delivering books and photo frames. Our postal boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as brown and white colour options, so you're sure to find the right postal packing for your business and budget.

Postal Boxes (Foam Lined)


Postal Boxes (Unlined)


Insuremail™ Premium Bubble Lined Postal Bags


The Original Jiffy Padded Bag


Pallet boxes

Our cardboard pallet boxes are cap and sleeve pallet boxes made from high quality, sturdy double cardboard. Export companies highly recommend them for the shipping of oversized items. Hauliers choose cardboard pallet boxes for distributing goods by road, rail, air, and sea because they maximise the use of space in shipping containers.

As a packaging supplier, we know the Importance of packaging solutions and eCommerce boxes. These boxes are made to be affordable for businesses, reducing the impact of shipping costs.

Pallet Boxes

1070 x 870 x 900mm (43 x 35 x 36") full container heat treated

Item Code | 70STPBFC
Pallet Boxes

1170 x 770 x 660mm (47 x 31 x 26") full europa heat treated

Item Code | 70STPBFE
Pallet Boxes

1100 x 900 x 670mm (43 x 35 x 26") half container heat treated

Item Code | 70STPBHC
Pallet Boxes

770 x 570 x 660mm (31 x 24 x 26") half europa heat treated

Item Code | 70STPBHE

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is eCommerce packaging important?

Packaging is one of the most important parts of every ecommerce business. The way your goods are packaged affects how people perceive your brand.

A product’s package not only has to be attractive, but also protect it from any damage during transportation.

The packaging process starts with deciding what type of package to use for the product. There are many options available - from eco-friendly and biodegradable material to more traditional cardboard or plastic.

What are the different types of eCommerce packaging?

The type of packaging you need for your goods depends on the size of the items, the frequency of shipments, and how fragile your goods are. One common type of retail packaging is a box. Other types of retail packaging include:

  • Padded envelopes
  • Bubble wrap (preferred for fragile items)
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Styrofoam packaging
  • Poly-bagged items
  • Tubing and strapping

Is eCommerce packaging sustainable?

Brands are starting to use more environmentally-friendly and sustainable packaging for their products. This trend is on the rise, and some fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Everlane have even decided to ditch plastic packaging altogether.

Many of the sustainable materials used include paper, cardboard, bamboo or straws. These materials can be recycled and cost less than plastic. Paper is especially a good packaging material because it is thin and lightweight while still being durable. Paper can also be recycled multiple times without losing its thickness or quality.

Is the type of eCommerce packaging you use important for your brand?

Ecommerce packaging is a very important aspect of a brand. A company has to decide whether it wants to use a box, envelope or custom made packaging for its product. The type of packaging that a company chooses is based on the product itself, the market, and the brand’s identity.

The type of ecommerce packaging you choose for your company will have an impact on your brand. It is important to understand how it will affect people's perception of your brand before making any decisions. For example, some people might think that using custom made packaging will make them look more exclusive while others might think that using a box will make them seem more affordable and accessible.

How can shipping costs be reduced with the right eCommerce packaging?

Shipping costs are quite high in the world of eCommerce. They are usually calculated on the basis of the weight of the package. The shipping cost can be reduced with the right packaging, which will reduce the weight and thus, lower the shipping cost.

The packing type should depend on what is being shipped in order to minimize the shipping cost. For instance, when it comes to packing clothes for shipment, one should look for lightweight options.