Mailing Bags

Allpack's Boomerang™ Kraft Paper Mailing Bags embody our commitment to sustainable packaging. Crafted from recycled materials, these eco-friendly bags not only minimize environmental impact but also provide robust protection for your shipments. Featuring a smart, resealable design, these bags promote reuse, reducing overall waste. Boomerang™ Kraft Paper Mailing Bags are a testament to our dedication to eco-conscious solutions, ensuring your packages reach their destination securely while treading lightly on the planet. Choose sustainability without compromising on quality, and let your packaging reflect your commitment to a greener future with Allpack's Boomerang™ Kraft Paper Mailing Bags.








Rapid Return Boxes

Allpack introduces Boomerang™, a game-changing solution in sustainable packaging. Our Boomerang™ branded rapid return boxes prioritize eco-friendliness, featuring a closed-loop system. Customers receive their orders in these reusable boxes, and upon delivery, they can easily return the empty boxes through designated channels. Boomerang™ boxes are durable, reducing the need for constant replacement, and contribute to a circular economy by minimizing waste. Allpack is committed to pioneering eco-conscious alternatives, and Boomerang reflects our dedication to reducing environmental impact in the packaging industry.