Hawk Tape™


Hawk Tape™ Gold

Introducing Hawk Tape™ Gold, formerly known as e-tape™ Gold, Allpack's premium solvent hand tape. Renowned for its exceptional durability and strength, Hawk Tape™ Gold offers superior adhesive properties, ensuring secure sealing for a wide range of packaging applications. With its distinctive gold hue, this high-performance tape not only provides reliable protection but also enhances the professional appearance of your packages. Trusted by businesses worldwide, Hawk Tape™ Gold sets the standard for quality and reliability in packaging solutions.

Hawk Tape Gold


Hawk Tape Gold roll


Hawk Tape Plus


Hawk Tape™ Plus

Level up your packing with Hawk Tape™ Plus, the upgraded version of the trusted e-tape™ Plus! This premium hand tape boasts a powerful polypropylene (PP) acrylic adhesive that forms an ultra-secure bond on cartons, boxes, and more. Hawk Tape™ Plus is ideal for demanding packaging applications, effortlessly sealing heavy-duty boxes and even adhering to challenging surfaces. Don't worry, it maintains the user-friendly, quiet unwinding you expect. Hawk Tape™ Plus offers a reliable, cost-effective closure solution that keeps your packages secure throughout their journey. Upgrade your packing and experience the Hawk Tape™ Plus difference!

Hawk Tape Plus