Wriste ease - ease the strain, tape with ease.


The Future of
Tape Guns is Here!




Introducing Allpack's revolutionary Wrist-Ease™ Hand Tape Applicator, a groundbreaking solution designed for ergonomic efficiency. Engineered to reduce wrist strain during tape application, this innovative tool prioritizes user comfort without compromising on performance. The Wrist-Ease™ applicator ensures a smooth, effortless taping experience, enhancing productivity while caring for the well-being of our users. Embrace a new era of packaging convenience with Allpack's Wrist-Ease™—where innovation meets comfort.



Designed with the User's well-being in mind, WristEase boasts a range of features that set it apart from traditional Tape Dispensers: 


Ergonomic Design

Avoid repetitive wrist strain (RSI) injuries with the ergonomically designed tape gun.

wrist ease ergonmic design

Wrist-Ease has been meticulously designed and crafted through 100’s of hours of user research to develop a user-friendly ergonomic design that promotes a natural and comfortable grip while using the dispenser. The result has been a dispenser that reduces wrist strain, making it an ideal solution for prolonged use.


Built-In Magnet

Easily store your dispenser to your packing bench or forklift using the built-in magnet.

Wrist-Ease Magnetising

The dispenser incorporates a magnetic plate to allow the dispenser to be easily stored on pack benches or forklift equipment. This feature enhances safety and minimises the risk of accidents in busy packaging environments.


Adjustable Tension Control

Wrist-Ease allows users to customise the tape tension according to their specific needs and the applied tapes. This feature ensures smooth and precise tape application for various packaging requirements.

Wrist-Ease Tape Core Tensioner



Durable Construction

Allpack's commitment to quality is reflected in Wrist-Ease's durable construction. The tape dispenser is built to withstand the rigours of daily use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability. 

Wrist-Ease Hard Wearing



Watch the new Wrist-Ease product video to see all the features and benefits of the new Wrist-Ease Hand Tape Dispenser.


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Join us on stand C20 at the  London Packaging Week 2024 to feel the future of hand tape dispensers.


Show Opening Times 2024

Wednesday 11 September - Thursday 12 September


Venue - ExCel, London