smartquip Packing areas and equipment


Allpack's Smartquip Warehouse Operations range offers state-of-the-art equipment for efficient packaging solutions, ensuring streamlined operations and superior quality.

Smartquip Pallet Trucks

Introducing Allpack's Smartquip™ Pallet Trucks, suitable for transporting Euro and UK pallet loads. Smartquip pallet trucks have been designed to be tough and durable to meet daily warehousing requirements. Containing a robust steel frame, coupled with hard-wearing bearings and self-lubricating bushings ensures for consistent, smooth travel around your warehouse for an entire shift.

Long-lasting performance is assured with industry-leading hydraulics, a 3-position trigger function, long-life tandem rollers and nylon steer wheels, ensuring easy movement and positioning for long periods.


44pb1830 packing bench


Packing Benches

The Smartquip™ 2.4m Pack Bench is a stable and robust packing station for any operations or warehousing area. The 2.4m Pack Bench has been manufactured to withstand the knocks and abrasions of daily ecommerce processes. This version is adaptable to the client's requirements, containing 1 x Full Lower Shelf, 2 x Upper Shelves that are height adjustable. The 2.4m Packing Bench stands as a cornerstone in optimising packing efficiency. Crafted with precision, it features one expansive lower shelf complemented by two upper shelves, providing ample space for housing tape machines, or organising packing essentials, required in today’s busy warehouses. The generous dimensions of 2440 x 915 x 915mm ensure versatility and can accommodate various packing tasks with ease.

The shelves are constructed from durable melamine, which promises longevity in demanding warehouse environments. Its robust design enhances workflow efficiency, facilitating systematic packing processes. Whether in warehouses or fulfilment centres, this packing bench serves as an indispensable asset, promoting productivity and organisation in every packing endeavour.

The Smartquip™ 2.4m Pack Bench is available to order from stock and is easy to build, with no additional tools and are supplied with a 12-month warranty.