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Tailor your packaging with our versatile and customisable solution. Ideal for varied product sizes, ensuring a perfect fit every time.



Light Duty Layflat Tubing

Allpack's light-duty layflat tubing is your flexible and economical solution for a variety of packaging needs. With a seamless design and easy customisation, it provides reliable protection for lightweight or irregularly shaped items. This tubing is ideal for creating custom-sized bags, offering a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution. The transparent material allows for easy identification of contents, while its light construction ensures flexibility without compromising strength. Whether you are packaging products for shipping or storage, our PolyShield™ light-duty layflat tubing adapts to your requirements, providing a secure and efficient packaging option for your business.


Medium Duty Layflat Tubing

Versatile and durable, our tubing offers a tailored packaging solution for various products. With a thickness optimized for medium-duty applications, it provides reliable protection against scratches, dust, and moisture during transit. This customisable packaging option allows you to cut and seal the tubing to the exact length you need, ensuring a perfect fit for each item. Whether you are packaging textiles, hardware, or other goods, our PolyShield™ Medium Duty Layflat Tubing is designed to meet the demands of your unique products, providing a cost-effective and efficient packaging solution for your business.




Heavy Duty Layflat Tubing

Engineered for the toughest packaging challenges. Our high strength layflat tubing provides superior protection for heavy or irregularly shaped items. With a robust design and customisable sizing, this tubing offers a reliable solution for securing and safeguarding products during transit. Its heavy-duty construction ensures durability, while the layflat design simplifies application and minimizes waste. Whether you are bundling, protecting, or packaging large and challenging items, our PolyShield™ Heavy-Duty Layflat Tubing is the versatile and durable choice for all your packaging needs.


Extra Heavy Duty Layflat Tubing

Unparalleled strength for demanding packaging challenges. Engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, our tubing provides robust protection for oversized or heavy items. The extra heavy-duty construction offers exceptional puncture resistance and durability, ensuring your products remain intact during transit. With a wide range of customizable sizes, our PolyShield™ Extra Heavy Duty Layflat tubing provides a versatile solution for various applications, from industrial components to large-scale machinery. Trust Allpack for packaging solutions that go beyond standard, delivering reliability and resilience when it matters most.



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