Loose Fill

Allpack's dupré Micafil loose-fill, derived from 100% natural materials, exemplifies our commitment to sustainable packaging solutions. Made from eco-friendly substances, Micafil offers superior cushioning and protection for products during transit. With its lightweight and versatile composition, it adapts to various packaging needs, providing reliable support while minimizing environmental impact.

Micafill is made from Vermiculite, a 100% natural material consisting of aluminium-iron-magnesium-silicates in thin lightweight flakes, which makes for a great alternative to polystyrene chips. Being so lightweight means it is easy to handle and store. Being a highly absorbent and fireproof material makes it an optimal contender for packing containers of liquids and or various flammable hazardous products.

Embrace a greener approach to packaging with Micafil, where quality meets sustainability in every shipment, aligning with Allpack's dedication to eco-conscious solutions.