Allpack is an international packaging manufacturer serving UK and European clients.
We have 5 UK Distribution centres, multiple European Distribution centres and manufacturing sites across UK & Europe, all providing substantial manufacturing and purchasing power, resulting in competitive pricing levels and uncompromising quality standards.

Download our Company Overview Brochure that provides information and content about Allpack and the services we provide. The brochure includes a general overview of the product categories we have available and our views on sustainability.

Our History


The allpack® story began in Birmingham in 1994 when a young accountant and keen entrepreneur began selling boxes, tape and bubble wrap to local firms. He kept his stock in his garden shed and delivered it to our customers with just one small van.

Soon, word spread about the quality of our products and our service. Over the following years we gained new clients, expanded our range and developed our business, moving premises several times as we grew.

However, we've always stayed focused on our main specialisation: industrial transit packaging.

Today Allpack is an international packaging manufacturer serving UK & European clients with industry-leading, recognised brands and products. Today Allpack offers access to multiple manufacturing sites across UK, Europe and a global portfolio of suppliers our customers can rely on. We pride ourselves in our manufacturing and sourcing abilities, which results in competitive pricing across all our product ranges, for the benefit of all our customers.

Allpack Culture and Core Values

Allpack is a team effort, with the DNA and synergy of the team shown in our core values:

Driven by Results

We hold ourselves accountable to get results and we persevere in the face of setbacks that would drown most people. We are not most people - we keep going.

Passion for the Team

We know at a deep level that personal success is not possible without the team. The lone-ranger figure is a fantasy. We support the team and the team supports us. We don’t let the team off and they don’t let us off.

Mutual Respect & Trust

People respect and trust us. We walk our walk, we always have time to listen and we don’t let people down. We don’t confuse trust and respect with being ‘nice’ - we can be tough when necessary, but we always operate with consideration, compassion and

Relentless Pursuit of Better

We believe good is the enemy of great. We believe there is always a better way, a better product, a better solution, a better process. We understand that perfection may be an impossible dream, but we know that the relentless pursuit of better moves us continually in that direction.

Process Intelligence

We are Process Intelligent; This means we use data and processes to help inform you of critical information to aid your business decisions through customised data reporting, product analysis and process designs to help improve your warehouse operation and reporting requirements.

Customer Performance Indicators; Our state-of-the-art packaging data reporting takes away the headache of your regulatory compliance, departmental budgeting, forecasting and tracking your service level performance.

Dedicated Account Managers; Work in partnership with a dedicated team who really care about you and your requirements ensuring SLA’s are met, measured and monitored.

Flexible Payment Packages; Choose the payment method that suits you: direct debit, credit card,e-invoicing or EDI linked. Fund your capital expenditure investments with options to lease purchase,contract hire or outright purchase.

Service Level Agreements; We guarantee our commitment to you. Enjoy the reassurance of a written commitment to our services with an Allpack SLA.

Standard Operating Procedures; Work with us to improve your operation with tailored SOP boards displayed in your packing area to produce uniformity in your packing processes. We help you deliver a consistent packaging customer experience.

Stock Management System; A complete packaging management programme removing the need to carry large stocks of bulky packaging at your premises, and the responsibility of maintaining sufficient packaging supplies to prevent production stoppages.

Sustainability Driven

We focus on providing you more sustainable options ranging from vegan, recycled and renewably sourced packaging. All options being high-quality, whilst making your company more environmentally friendly.

Having sustainable and eco-friendly packaging means you are not only doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint, but using packaging that is safe for humans, wildlife and the environment.

Being sustainability driven also means we can provide you with cost saving solutions that doesn’t cost the earth. In fact today, £80 billion or 95% of all packaging material is lost to the economy yearly, from single use packaging. As business-to-business we realise that packaging solutions should be aiming to go as green as possible, without the expense that label usually comes with.

Sustainable Selection Programme; We provide you analysis and proof of your product sustainability versus alternative options. Reporting on your product carbon neutrality status through to confirmation of product recyclability and recycled material content of each item.

Industry Focused

We focus on providing products and services to specific industries to help you be the best in your industry. We respond rapidly to your requirements and provide you packaging to safely and effectively despatch your products. We are flexible to help you be better than everyone else - if it is do-able, we do it.

Competitive Pricing Promise; For complete peace of mind that you are getting a fair sustainable deal on your packaging requirements, we monitor international raw material trackers to give you certainty that prices can be trusted.

Online Ordering Portal; Order on any device at any time of day. The easiest way to see both your bespoke and standard range items. Place your order by 7pm for next day delivery for stocked products.

Time Critical Supply Solution; Raising the game in Just-in-Time Packaging services, our TCSS programme guarantees to end your packaging supply problems, providing flexible options such as scheduled deliveries, same day options and evening delivery.

Packaging Specialists

We are design specialists, we will customise your packaging to help improve your brand appearance and properly protect your product in transit, with products that are developed in our state-of-the-art packaging design suite.

Elevated CAD Design; Experience our creative design team capability to resolve your packaging challenges. Visit our Sustainability Suite and explore all the possibilities including cutting, printing and creating your own concept designs to visualise your product prior to production.

New Product Development; Allpack is committed to developing and enhancing the products supplied, by continually pushing the boundaries for a better product or solution, which results in ‘a better package’ for the customer.

Onsite Packaging Consultations; We understand the science of packaging and how best to integrate into your processes to enable optimum efficiency for your operations. From optimising products and machines, to proposing new design concepts; CAD & 3D concept stage to printed samples and final production, we work in partnership with you to achieve your packaging goals.