e-tape™ Gold

Allpack proudly presents E-Tape Gold, a premium branded tape synonymous with superior quality and performance. Engineered for durability, eTape Gold ensures secure and reliable packaging solutions. With advanced adhesive technology, this tape provides exceptional adhesion and strength, ensuring packages stay sealed in transit. The distinctive gold branding not only signifies excellence but also adds a professional touch to your shipments. E-Tape Gold is designed to withstand various packaging challenges, making it the go-to choice for businesses seeking a top-tier tape solution that reflects reliability and quality in every seal.




e-tape™ Plus

Allpack's E-Tape Plus branded tape is a pinnacle of packaging excellence. Engineered for optimal adhesion and durability, it ensures secure and professional sealing of packages. This high-performance tape, adorned with the E-Tape Plus branding, signifies a commitment to quality. Its advanced features include noise reduction during application and a smooth, consistent unwind, enhancing efficiency. With Allpack's etape Plus, businesses can elevate their packaging, enjoying not only superior performance but also the added branding touch that communicates reliability to recipients. Trust in E-Tape Plus for a seamless, branded packaging experience.

e-tape plus_transparent


e-tape™ Equipment

Allpack's e-tape branded tape dispensers redefine efficiency in packaging. Engineered for seamless operation, these dispensers are designed to complement our high-quality e-tape. The ergonomic design ensures user comfort and speed, enhancing productivity in any packing environment. With precision cutting mechanisms and adjustable tension control, e-tape dispensers guarantee consistent and secure sealing. Elevate your packaging process with the reliability and innovation embodied in our e-tape branded dispensers, making every step of sealing and packaging a breeze.