Hand Tape

Allpack's Boxbond™, a premier branded paper hand tape, is engineered for superior performance in packaging. With high tensile strength, it ensures reliable and secure sealing for a variety of cartons. The tape is made from durable paper material, combining eco-friendliness with functionality. Its advanced adhesive technology guarantees optimal adhesion on different surfaces, facilitating efficient packaging processes. Boxbond™ stands out for its tear-resistant properties and smooth application, enhancing both productivity and package integrity. Trust in Boxbond™ for a sustainable, robust, and user-friendly solution that meets the demands of modern packaging.





Machine Tape

Allpack's Boxbond™, a premium branded paper machine tape, signifies excellence in packaging solutions. Engineered for strength and reliability, it ensures secure carton sealing in various industries. Boxbond™ boasts superior adhesion properties, providing a robust seal that withstands the rigors of transit. Designed with efficiency in mind, it smoothly integrates into packaging operations, enhancing productivity. The tape is versatile, adhering seamlessly to different surfaces, and its eco-friendly composition aligns with sustainability goals. Elevate your packaging standards with Boxbond™, where quality, durability, and environmental responsibility converge in a single, high-performance tape.