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Allpack's document enclosed wallet ranges offer precision and professionalism. 



Paper Wallets

Innovative and practical, our Docket™ paper document wallets redefine the standard for secure packaging. Meticulously designed to accommodate various document sizes, these wallets provide a protective barrier against external elements, ensuring the safe and organized transit of important paperwork. With a focus on functionality, our document wallets offer a seamless and efficient solution for businesses seeking reliable document protection. The durable paper construction guarantees strength without compromising flexibility, adapting to the diverse needs of your shipping requirements. From invoices to legal documents, our paper wallets offer a straightforward yet effective way to safeguard your crucial paperwork during transport, providing peace of mind and professional presentation.


Plastic Wallets

Our Affix™ plastic document enclosed wallets are designed for practicality and protection. These transparent pouches provide a secure enclosure for invoices, labels, or important documents during transit. Engineered with durable plastic, these wallets ensure the visibility of essential paperwork while safeguarding it from environmental elements. The adhesive backing simplifies the application process, adhering seamlessly to packages of various sizes. Invest in reliable document protection that not only meets but exceeds your expectations, offering a clear advantage in the realm of shipping efficiency and professionalism.



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