Grip Film Self Gripping Stretch Film

Introducing Grip, a cutting-edge hand pallet wraps and dispenser solution by Allpack. Grip redefines efficiency and convenience in pallet wrapping. The specially designed dispenser offers ergonomic handling, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing productivity. The Grip hand pallet wrap itself is engineered for superior strength and stretch, ensuring secure load containment. With its innovative features, Grip simplifies the pallet wrapping process, making it faster, more reliable, and user-friendly. Experience the next level of packaging excellence with Grip, where innovation meets ease of use.





Grip Taper

The Grip-branded handheld water-activated tape dispenser by Allpack is a game-changer in packaging efficiency. This innovative dispenser combines user-friendly design with cutting-edge technology, offering a reliable solution for sealing packages. With a comfortable grip and intuitive controls, it streamlines the application of water-activated tape, ensuring secure and uniform seals. The Grip dispenser is designed for versatility, accommodating various tape widths and types. Its robust construction guarantees durability, making it ideal for high-volume packaging operations. Upgrade your packaging process with the Grip dispenser, where convenience meets performance, setting a new standard for tape application in the industry.