Grip Film Self Gripping Stretch Film

Introducing Grip, a cutting-edge hand pallet wraps and dispenser solution by Allpack. Grip redefines efficiency and convenience in pallet wrapping. The specially designed dispenser offers ergonomic handling, minimizing operator fatigue and maximizing productivity. The Grip hand pallet wrap itself is engineered for superior strength and stretch, ensuring secure load containment. With its innovative features, Grip simplifies the pallet wrapping process, making it faster, more reliable, and user-friendly. Experience the next level of packaging excellence with Grip, where innovation meets ease of use.





Grip Taper

The Grip-branded handheld water-activated tape dispenser by Allpack is a game-changer in packaging efficiency. This innovative dispenser combines user-friendly design with cutting-edge technology, offering a reliable solution for sealing packages. With a comfortable grip and intuitive controls, it streamlines the application of water-activated tape, ensuring secure and uniform seals. The Grip dispenser is designed for versatility, accommodating various tape widths and types. Its robust construction guarantees durability, making it ideal for high-volume packaging operations. Upgrade your packaging process with the Grip dispenser, where convenience meets performance, setting a new standard for tape application in the industry.

Paper Pad Machine

The grip® PremierPad Machine revolutionizes your packaging process! This compact machine creates robust, eco-friendly padded paper cushioning on-demand. Simply choose your width and the machine dispenses the perfect amount of paper, eliminating waste. A user-friendly touchscreen lets you control settings for optimal efficiency. Built to last, the PremierPad ensures reliable performance & reduces reliance on plastic packaging. Perfect for businesses of all sizes!


Turbo Taper

The Grip® Turbo Taper Desktop Water Activated Tape Machine is a cutting-edge solution for efficient, secure packaging. Ideal for small to medium operations, this compact machine activates adhesive tape with water, ensuring a strong, tamper-evident seal. With user-friendly features and robust construction, it offers reliable performance and durability. Perfect for e-commerce, shipping, and warehousing, the Turbo Taper enhances productivity and ensures packages arrive securely sealed and professional-looking.


Introducing grip® PaperFlex Wrapping Paper, the ultimate blend of durability and elegance for all your wrapping needs. Crafted with premium, eco-friendly materials, PaperFlex offers exceptional flexibility and strength, ensuring your gifts are beautifully wrapped and protected. Its unique texture and vibrant designs make every package stand out, while its recyclable and biodegradable nature aligns with sustainable practices. Perfect for any occasion, grip® PaperFlex Wrapping Paper combines style with responsibility.



Paperflex on grip stack


Grip Stack

The Grip® Stack – your ultimate solution for streamlined organization and accessibility. Designed to incorporate all your Grip products in one cohesive unit, the Grip® Stack ensures that every tool and accessory is easily accessible and neatly stored. Featuring a modular design, it adapts to your needs, offering customizable compartments for various items. Ideal for professionals and hobbyists alike, the Grip® Stack enhances efficiency, saves space, and keeps your workspace impeccably organized.


The GRIP® SuperFlow Auto Fanfold Paper Machine revolutionizes packaging efficiency with its advanced automatic fanfold system. Engineered for high-speed operations, it ensures consistent, precise folding for seamless integration into any production line. Ideal for diverse applications, this machine minimizes waste and maximizes productivity. Built with durability and user-friendly controls, the SuperFlow Auto offers reliable performance and easy maintenance, making it a top choice for modern packaging needs.


Mailing Bags

The eco-conscious choice for secure and efficient shipping. Made with 30% recycled materials, these mailing bags offer robust protection while reducing environmental impact. Durable and tear-resistant, Grip® Mailing Bags ensure your items arrive safely. Their lightweight design helps save on postage costs, and the self-sealing adhesive strip provides convenience and security. Choose Grip® Mailing Bags for a sustainable and reliable packaging solution.