Duraboard ™


Corrugated Sheetboard

Allpack proudly presents Duraboard ™, our branded corrugated sheetboard designed for excellence. Crafted with precision, Duraboard ™ offers superior strength and durability, providing reliable protection for your products during transit. Engineered to meet high industry standards, these corrugated sheet boards ensure secure packaging while maintaining a lightweight profile. Versatile and customizable, Duraboard ™ adapts to various packaging needs, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution. Elevate your packaging strategy with Allpack's Duraboard ™, where resilience and reliability meet innovation, providing peace of mind for your shipments.

Corrugated Sheet board

Multiple Uses:


  • Layer Pads – spreads weight, levels the surface and increases load stability.
  • Pallet Base Pads – prevents smaller items falling through slats.
  • Pallet Top Sheets – protects against strapping damage and loading scuffs, keeping the tops of pallets dust-free during storage.
  • Interleaved Sheets & Dividers – separates items to reduce knocks, vibration damage and abrasion in transit.
  • Surface Protection Sheets – provides cushioning, puncture resistance and impact protection. Plastic-free solution for protecting doors, windows, joinery and sanitaryware prior to construction handover.
  • Edge Protectors – provides protection for corners, tops and bases of palletised goods.
  • Bespoke Wraps – can be pre-creased to create bespoke cardboard wraps.
  • Reinforcement Sheets – protects and reinforces printed posters, canvases, and documents.
  • Folding Sheets – provides a stable core for folding textiles such as sheets, bedding and shirts.
  • Presentation Sheets – can be printed to provide presentation cover sheets.
  • Templating Sheets – can be used to achieve precise cutting templates for producing worktops etc.
  • Printing Sheets – plastic-free solution for indoor signage and point of sale displays with specially coated liners available to give exceptional print results.
Multiple Board Grade Options:
  • Available in White or Brown – Kraft or Recycled Papers.
  • FSC certified – 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable.
  • Single Wall / Double Wall / Triple Wall.
  • Standard Sizes available for next day delivery from stock.
  • Bespoke sizes within 3-5 days.
  • Available as Fanfold Continuous Sheet or Single-faced Rolls.
  • Can be pre-creased, printed, perforated, or die cut to create bespoke shapes and fitments.


  • Low-cost.
  • Lightweight
  • Sustainable plastic-free solution, FSC certified – 100% Recyclable and Biodegradable.