Allpack proudly presents Airpac™, our premium branded bubble wrap, designed to redefine packaging protection. With superior cushioning and durability, Airpac™ ensures the safe transit of your goods. Engineered for versatility, it adapts seamlessly to various product shapes and sizes, providing reliable defence against shocks and impacts. The distinctive Airpac™ bubbles maintain their integrity, offering long-lasting protection throughout the shipping journey. Choose Airpac™ for a superior packaging solution that goes beyond traditional bubble wrap, safeguarding your products with an extra layer of confidence and care.



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Bubble Bags

Bubble Bags

Allpack's Airpac™ branded bubble bags redefine protective packaging. Engineered for superior cushioning, these bags provide optimal safeguarding for delicate items during transit. The Airpac™ technology ensures consistent air retention, offering reliable impact resistance. With a variety of sizes and configurations, these bubble bags are versatile, catering to diverse packaging needs. The Airpac™ brand symbolizes quality and innovation, delivering peace of mind to customers by ensuring that their products arrive intact and damage-free. Choose Airpac™ for a premium bubble bag solution that prioritizes both protection and efficiency.