The mission for this role is to manage and grow a territory of customers and prospects in order to achieve company growth targets for sales and profit.


The essence of your job lies in the following key responsibilities. These are the main things you will need to excel at to ensure this role is a success.

• Develop and execute the sales plan for your territory with help from colleagues
• Manage customer expectations
• Achieve sales revenue goals
• Achieve profit margin goals
• Strategically win new clients to deliver consistent growth whilst retaining existing clients.
• Hand over reactive admin work to KAM.
• Conduct face-to-face and video meetings with clients
• Conduct post-appointment handover with meetings with KAM.
• Proactively work with KAM to resolve client issues such as slow-moving stock, account queries, lost business etc.
• Joint accountability for team direction and productivity
• Continually assist the Demand Generation  Team by handover of potential prospects.
• Assist the NPD Team with the development of products/services to align with client needs.
• Achieve daily tasks and measures

Note, this list captures the spirit of your role and is not an exhaustive list of your day-to-day tasks. In executing these responsibilities, you are expected to do everything necessary and reasonable to achieve the personal and team results that are expected.


Your performance will be measured using a range of key measures. These measures are given a wide variety of names such as objectives, scores, goals, key performance indicators, key performance activities, lag measures, and lead measures. The purpose of measurement is to monitor and improve your performance over time. Clear measurements provide an unambiguous method of assessing your productivity and your contribution to the business.

You will have at least one key measure. In addition, any aspect of your performance and conduct may be subject to measurement from time to time. Measures for any given period will be determined by your line manager and will vary depending on your experience and progression within your role.


You may be given responsibility for one or more rocks from time to time. Rocks represent some form of improvement for the business and are defined as one-off projects with a defined completion date.


In addition to your core responsibilities, you have other responsibilities which are more general in nature, but which are an integral part of what is expected from you.

• Uphold the company values.
• Help your team members to ensure that the team’s daily workload is completed.
• Achieve any rocks and measures targets that you are given.
• Respect and comply with company policies and processes.
• Engage in the process of continual improvement by suggesting improvements and embracing change.
• Develop your product and market knowledge to a level that is appropriate to your role.
• Engage with and adopt any training provided and use it to become more effective.
• Drive your personal development though self-directed learning and training to become more effective.
• Assist with crisis resolution by going the extra mile when required.
• Undertake any additional reasonable duties as requested from time to time.


You will report to the Sales Manager


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