PET Hand Tape

PETra™, our cutting-edge PET hand tape, is a sustainability champion, made from a minimum of 85% recycled material. This eco-friendly solution ensures reliable and robust packaging while minimizing environmental impact. PETra™ not only excels in strength and adhesion but also contributes to a circular economy by utilizing recycled PET. It's a testament to our commitment to eco-conscious innovation, providing businesses with a high-performance, eco-friendly option for their packaging needs. Choose PETra™ for a greener approach without compromising on quality or performance.

PETraTape - Box and Rolls


PET Machine Tape

PETra™, Allpack's cutting-edge PET machine tape, redefines sustainability with over 85% recycled material. Engineered for superior performance, PETra™ combines eco-conscious practices with high-quality packaging. This innovative solution not only enhances operational efficiency but also reflects our commitment to reducing environmental impact. Experience the perfect blend of reliability and eco-friendliness with PETra™, setting new standards in sustainable packaging solutions.

Petra Tape