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Our extensive range of corrugated cardboard boxes, cases, and cartons is specifically intended to meet a wide range of packing requirements. Every case style is made of sturdy, durable, stiff corrugated cardboard so that can endure the most demanding shipping conditions while also serving as a suitable packaging material.

These are practical, useful, and cost-effective packing solutions for dispatch and storage, ranging from bottle packaging and simple book mailers to removal boxes and massive cardboard boxes for shipping.

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Corrugated cardboard boxes

While in transit or storage, our corrugated cardboard boxes and cartons provide excellent protection for various items. Our product line, which includes everything from archive boxes to packing boxes, wardrobe cardboard boxes, and even bottle boxes, are made of robust and solid materials. They were created to make packaging stress-free and straightforward.

We offer postal boxes, single wall boxes, double wall boxes, small cardboard boxes, standard cardboard boxes and large cardboard boxes that are all corrugated.

Single Wall Cartons

178x178x178mm (7x7x7") - FSC

05STSW01 | £6.08
Single wall Cartons

203x203x127mm (8x8x5'') - FSC

05STSW02 | £7.12
Single wall Cartons

229x152x152mm (9x6x6'') - FSC

05STSW03 | £5.34
Single wall Cartons

229x229x229mm (9x9x9'') - FSC

05STSW05 | £5.34

Corrugated Paper Roll

Corrugated cardboard rolls are environmentally friendly, low-cost, and versatile protection for a wide range of fragile or delicate objects. Corrugated paper's form and design make it natural to safeguard sensitive products and surfaces by offering a cushioning and protective solution when shipping and can be great for storage also.

Corrugated paper is designed to absorb shock and impact, keeping your stuff in perfect condition during transit. It readily wraps around products, reducing the risk of damage. Our corrugated cardboard rolls are lightweight, allowing you to keep your postal expenses low while still providing adequate protection for your products.

ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

1000mm x 75m

08CP1000 | £40.79
ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

750mm x 75mm

08CP0750 | £30.61
ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

650mm x 75m

08CP0650 | £26.51
ecorap™ Corrugated Paper Roll

400mm x 75m

08CP0400 | £17.15

Corrugated Sheetboard

Our single-wall cardboard sheets are ideal for dividers and extra protection. We provide a variety of bulk price savings to customers placing larger orders, thanks to our cost-effective approach to business. Large enterprises interested in high-volume transactions can also take advantage of our wholesale discounts.

Our corrugated single wall cardboard is perfect for high-speed packaging operations and widely used as pads, dividers, and partitions. Corrugated cardboard sheets are very puncture resistant and take up less space in warehouses and factories.

Corrugated Sheetboard

800 x 1100mm single wall

05LP8011 | £296.34

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between normal cardboard and corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is often used for packaging. Corrugated cardboard comes in two layers of material, which are covered with paper or plastic to form the outside surface.

It is made out of three layers of paper and one layer of glue (called 'wet-strength'). Corrugated cardboard is usually made in a manufacturing plant where it is produced on a long production line.

What are the benefits of using corrugated cardboard?


1. Environmentally friendly

2. Lightweight, recyclable, and durable

3. Economical

4. Natural look and feel

5. Flexible and easy to cut - provides a wide range of design possibilities for cardboard packaging

6. Customizable - allows for printing on more than one side of the corrugated board (which reduces costs) and more designs can be created with less waste of materials (which also reduces costs)

7. Easy to store - does not require flat storage space like some other packaging materials do; can stack more easily; can be stored less expensively in warehouses or small retail spaces because of their low weight relative to other materials such as glass or plastic

8. Versatile - cardboard


What is corrugated paper roll good for?

Corrugated paper roll is ideal for protecting all goods you'll be sending in transit. The sturdy material allows for preventing things from being bashed around during transportation, as well as being strong enough to protect even the most fragile of items.


What are the most common uses of corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a type of cardboard with corrugated patterns on it. You can find corrugated cardboard in many places, such as:

- grocery stores and supermarkets: to organize and display products

- schools: for bulletin boards

- offices: for desks and cubicles

How do you calculate the thickness of a sheet of corrugated cardboard?

Corrugated cardboard is a material that is often used for packaging and protecting items. The thickness of the corrugated cardboard is calculated based on the number of fluting, the surface area and weight per unit length.