Designed for use within a variety of tools and in a number of applications, our range of industrial staples are perfectly suited to both warehouse and office environments.
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Staples 140/6mm
Item No. 27ST0021
Staples 35/22mm
Item No. 27ST0082
Staples 13/10mm
Item No. 35ST0014
Staples 140/6mm
Item No. 35ST0021
Staples 140/10mm
Item No. 35ST0023
Staples 140/12mm
Item No. 35ST0024
Staples 73/8mm
Item No. 35ST0031
Staples 73/10mm (34/10mm)
Item No. 35ST0032
Staples 73/12mm (34/12mm)
Item No. 35ST0033
Staples 779/16mm
Item No. 35ST0042
Staples 26/6mm
Item No. 35ST0061
Staples 32/15mm
Item No. 35ST0071
Staples 32/18mm
Item No. 35ST0072
Staples 35/15mm
Item No. 35ST0081
Staples 97/25mm
Item No. 35ST1151
Staples 561/18mm
Item No. 35ST1162
Staples 12mm (1/2'')
Item No. 35STAP12
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