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Our extensive assortment of packaging products includes enviro packing boxes, pallet and export cardboard boxes, postal boxes, and many other unparalleled cardboard box options, ensuring that you will discover the packaging materials to meet your specific needs.

Our boxes are high-quality, and heavy-duty, making packing and moving the assets that you value as easy as possible, all whilst reducing the risk of things like item breakage and other damage.

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Postal boxes

Your product may be damaged during transit if you do not use a robust packaging option. Spending more on your product's packaging is always worth it for the peace of mind against potential damage in transit. Because they're robust and made to particular sizes to go through the mail, postal boxes are perhaps the most common choice for eCommerce packaging.

Our postal boxes come in a variety of colours and styles, including white, foam-lined, and Air Shock, and are built to last. For delivering books and photo frames, we have specialised mailers.

Postal Boxes (Foam Lined)


Postal Boxes (Unlined)


Insuremail™ Premium Bubble Lined Postal Bags


The Original Jiffy Padded Bag


Pallet Boxes

Our cap and sleeve cardboard pallet boxes are made of high-quality, durable double cardboard. Export companies frequently recommend them for the shipping of larger products. Hauliers choose cardboard pallet boxes for transporting goods by road, rail, air, and sea because they maximise the use of space in shipping containers, save shipping costs, and can be quickly inflated and deflated for storage or the return journey.

Pallet cardboard boxes are designed to hold larger items. They provide a long-lasting, dependable, and secure method of shipping and exporting goods. The proportions ensure that the pallet boxes can fit within shipping containers without taking up too much space.

Pallet Boxes

1070 x 870 x 900mm (43 x 35 x 36")

70STPBFC | £324.28
Pallet Boxes

1170 x 770 x 660mm (47 x 31 x 26")

70STPBFE | £48.37
Pallet Boxes

1100 x 900 x 670mm (43 x 35 x 26")

70STPBHC | £47.34
Pallet Boxes

770 x 570 x 660mm (31 x 24 x 26")

70STPBHE | £34.43

Boomerang Rapid Return Boxes

The Boomerang Rapid Return box is an easy-to-use, returnable order fulfilment solution for an e-commerce packaging innovation.

Save time and money by using a high-performance, tape-free packaging alternative like the BoomerangTM carton, which can house and securely store items without the need for tape, minimising waste and simplifying the recycling process.

Boomerang Rapid Return Box

432 x 305 x 305mm

05BBSW03 | £21.30
Boomerang Rapid Return Box

305 x 229 x 229mm

05BBSW02 | £27.62
Boomerang Rapid Return Box

229 x 152 x 152mm

05BBSW01 | £16.57

Solid Board Boxes

These brown solid cardboard boxes with lids are pretty simple to put together. They come flat-packed and pre-glued, so all you have to do is fold out the sides to shape them; they're also very robust. The lid slips over the base, allowing the height of the box to be modified to fit the contents while also providing double-thickness sides and corners for added strength.

These solid cardboard boxes, once made, are great for storing marketing brochures, company stationery, and other printed materials, as well as apparel, textiles, and other items.

Brown Solid Board Cartons

76 x 51 x 102mm No.73 (with locking ends)

05SBLE73 | £112.61
Brown Solid Board Cartons

86 x 59 x 134mm No.78 (with locking ends)

05SBLE78 | £139.25
Brown Solid Board Cartons

101 x 66 x 165mm No. 83 (with locking ends)

05SBLE83 | £0.31

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of postal packaging?

There are three types of postal packaging. They are letter, parcel and package.

The letter is the cheapest option available, but it is also the slowest. This means that it won't arrive as quickly as other options. It does not come with tracking like the other two options and it can only be sent domestically (within Canada). Parcel

The parcel is one of the most popular mailing options for people because it is both affordable and fast. The downside to this option, though, is that you do not have control over how your items will be arranged or packed. Package

The package provides you with more control over how your items will be packaged and sent off to their destination because you can provide a custom package box to ensure everything arrives safely and securely.

What is the purpose of postal packaging?

Packages are delivered to customers’ homes on a regular basis. It is important that packages arrive safely—either because of the value of what is inside the package or because the customer has ordered something fragile.

The purpose of postal packaging, therefore, is to protect the contents so they don't get damaged during delivery.

How do you choose a postal package?

There are many factors to consider before choosing a postal package. It is important to note that you can't buy a postal package without knowing the size and weight of the items that will be inside. Is there enough room for them? Knowing how much it will cost to ship the item is also very important, so you know what you're going to be paying upfront and what your total costs will come out to.

The first thing you should do is determine the size and weight of your item. This is a critical factor when determining which package you want because it impacts how much it will cost, as well as its delivery time.

Another thing worth considering is whether or not there's room in the box for all of your items. If not, then shipping might cost more or take longer than if you take the time to decide which size would best suit your items/products.

What are the advantages of using postal packaging?

Postal packaging is a type of packaging that is used to streamline the process for sending and receiving packages. It is most often used by businesses with high volumes of packages. Some advantages of this type of packaging are:

-Saves money

-Reduces time spent on shipping


How does postal packaging compare to other types of packaging?

Postal packaging is one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to ship your items. It is also sometimes referred to as parcel or mail packaging.

The postal service offers a wide range of shipping services, and it’s important to know which one would work best for your needs and budget before you choose.

Mail packaging may not be the best choice for businesses with high volume, but it can be a great way for small or medium-sized businesses to save some money on their shipping services.