OK, so how could I win from partnering with allpack® for my company’s packaging needs?

There are forensics behind a better package.  Allpack’s® a better package, not just a brand name.  You want more than just packaging… you want to perfect your last-mile delivery system.  You want more than just a box… you want a statement about you.  You expect an innovative ahead-of-the-pack service from your packaging partner and you question whether such a partner exists; a company as passionate as you about completing your products’ journey to your highest standards.  Meet Allpack®.  And as the arrival of goods from point of order reaches shorter, harder to achieve expectations, your customers are demanding delivery yesterday.  That’s impossible, but just in time is possible, and works, as we partner with you. Whether it’s quicker, smarter, safer packaging or environmentally friendly, ethically sourced materials, we consistently look for a better way.

We’ve all seen poorly presented and damaged goods, packaging storage nightmares, requisition issues, and can relate to the trials of trying to find something out there that you can adapt to your specification to carry your goods.

So what can Allpack do about that?

You might want to leave your footprint a bit more embedded, so it is remembered for longer.  You may wish to upgrade without going outside your budget, and you might want it to arrive just in time to get the goods out so you can make the best use of your valuable warehouse space.  You might like the sourcing simplified and those that walk alongside you, who buy into your vision, to deliver your goods your way. Imagine your customers’ ‘Ah’ feeling when they spot your package before it even leaves its logistics vehicle. Yes, Allpack actually does all that.

Want to be outstandingly up-to-date,instantly recognised and meet your bespoke requirements?

In particular servicing the e-commerce sector, Allpack are right there at the cutting edge, providing transit packaging alongside unparalleled customer service.  The branding, the design, everything is geared around transporting your product intact and in time to its destination. When your customer opens the product, their experience is second to none. Why? Because the packaging is where it should be. Step over and look at the effects of revolutionising your packaging with the help of Allpack®, the most creative packaging solutions provider to industry and retail. We find the right solution for you, dependant on your design specification, product range, and life, or fragility of your products, alongside the throughput of your operation.

The key to success awaits you...open the door!What does real success feel like or even sound like? Satisfied customers? Fewer returns? Or maybe product branding that keeps people coming back for more?
At allpack® we house all the key elements all under one roof. Take your next steps towards a future where success can be dleivered.

Are you up for making savings on your packaging?

At allpack®, with our decades of experience, customer service rules. Ever had that feeling of being harassed by customers with sky-high expectations and wished for a supplier that you could bat off their issues to? Purchase peace of mind. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who’s available 24 hours a day, ready to answer any questions or queries and devoted to realising your whole experience, to your vision.

We are part of an international packaging group with a turnover in excess of £150 million and operate in ten countries worldwide.  As a result we have enormous manufacturing purchasing power, the value gains of which we can pass on to you whatever your level of requirement.

Flexi and next day delivery - what can you really offer me?

We often look at packaging as a necessary evil, the by-products of valuable resources.  It’s just the cardboard box, it’s the filler, it’s the stretch film, that’s holding the product during transit.  But your packaging can make or break your product; have you ever considered if it could make or break your business?  Have you considered the advantages of bespoke packaging, to the exact design brief you require, provided at top service levels so that you can keep logistics efficient?  Allpack’s stock management systems allow you to have a continuous flow of packaging on a just-in-time basis. This is backed up by customized data to make your processing as lean as possible, and key performance indicators monitored. Keep tabs on your volume of use, value, spend, it’s all there at your fingertips.  On time, every time; that better package.

Want to finetune for efficiency and economy?

Our packaging consultations will review your current packaging items, highlight areas where improvement can be made and offer you multiple solutions in order to ensure you receive a better package.  Automated system management partnering with you will allow you to keep your stocks running at optimum efficiency.  Urgent requirements can be channelled to deliver to you on a just-in-time basis.  

Environmentally, you can offset your packaging waste by returning recyclable waste products to us.  We guarantee an FSE certified supply chain, assuring you we are caring for our forests, and we’re ISO14001 accredited, so you can rest assured in we’re working to reduce your carbon impact.

All this comes at a sum, doesn’t it?

Our CPP, competitive pricing promise, assures you of complete peace of mind; get to know unmatched value for money within your current budget. Partnering with RICIS, PLATS and PPI ensures that we can track and monitor fair pricing levels.  Additional products will also fit the same core pricing matrix to ensure you are getting the most competitive price.

Our competitive pricing doesn't mean compromising on quality. You won't find better quality goods at the same prices. We can manufacture, in both polymer and cardboard, with speddy turnarounds, as well as stocking a fanstastic range of well known packaging essentials. So, in all, you get the best quality packaging for the best prices, which means more satisfied customers and bigger savings for you.



Everything in one place

Why not consolidate your suppliers down to just one: Allpack? Cut out the deal-chasing, logistical and time-consuming issues of multiple packaging providers. Streamline with us and join the many happy internationally recognised brands that already see us as their one choice, knowing that your products are secure, pristinely presented, and there right when you need them.  We have over 36 sites across the UK to service you to the maximum, and of course, hold ISO9001 accreditation.

 Our internal team of innovators are constantly taking your business to the next level.  Dealing with your packaging supplier should be fast and easy  Is it the thing you enjoy doing over your morning coffee?  If not, it’s time to switch to Allpack.  The better package.  Guaranteed.

Allpack® delivers outstanding services to their customers, so if you feel like you’ve been on repeat and want to skip to a new tune, allpack® can help you to achieve it. Make better packaging part of your company remit this year and start to see a future where boxes equal potential! Contact our team today for an informal discussion on: 01922 472 400 or email your query to our customer service team: sales@allpack.uk.com.